Cathedral Investment Bank

Cathedral Investment Bank is a global leader in the field of finance, international finance and international banking. Cathedral Investment Bank is regulated and licensed by the Financial Service Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Dominica and is part of a global financial group that serves near ten thousand customers in thirty five nations. Cathedral Investment Bank offers a wide range of financial services to clients based around its seven jurisdictions worldwide. When doing business with Cathedral Investment bank, clients have access to the very best and most professional staff. The expert teams at Cathedral Investment Bank all function according to core values of:

  • Dynamism- The teams at Cathedral Investment Bank work tirelessly to visualize opportunities before the competition and always be first to market.
  • Strength- The backbone of Cathedral Investment Bank is rooted in sound financial principles and risk management, making the Bank a solid financial partner in global finance
  • Leadership- Cathedral Investment Bank are leaders in every market in which they operate and the professionals are constantly focused on maintaining this position.
  • Professional Ethics- Going past the rigid controls and checks associated with risk management the staff at Cathedral Investment Bank also possess a strong code of ethics which always steers the bank and its clients in good stead
  • Innovation- Cathedral Investment Bank and the teams of professionals are constantly seeking for ways to encourage new investment as well as cost saving measures. This constant innovation helps Cathedral Investment Bank maintain its status as a global leader.

In addition to the core values of the teams of professionals in the various departments of Cathedral Investment Bank, the Bank also has its own core corporate principles, which are:

  • Customers are the fundamental core of the banking operations.
  • Creation of value and added value for customers, shareholders and other groups who hold interest is the goal of responsible and profitable business
  • The teams are the centers of value creation and value addition
  • Management generates enthusiasm
  • Ethics and professional integrity
  • Core element is success is innovation
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility

Contact Cathedral Investment Bank today to do an assessment of the kind of services they can offer you. With Cathedral Investment Bank, their professional and expert staff and innovative investment vehicles, you will see fantastic returns on any funds you place in their care.

What Can Cathedral Do For you?

Cathedral Investment Bank is focused on two business area primarily, those being portfolio management and estate planning. In addition to these core services, Cathedral Investment Bank also offers a full range of banking and financial services to clients. These include Personal Banking, Investment Banking, Financial Intermediary functions, Commercial Banking and Institutional Banking. Cathedral Investment Bank maintains separate professional departments for each of the separate services offered, ensuring that clients get maximum benefit from the excellent professional service, advice and management provided by Bank staff.

Cathedral Investment Bank Personal Banking

Cathedral Investment Bank’s personal banking department is available to clients in each of the seven jurisdictions and thirty five countries in which the Bank operates. The personal banking teams are expert at offering financial advice pertaining to investments, financial planning, tax planning, performance appraisal for ongoing investments and wealth management. The professionals ate Cathedral Investment Bank personal banking are versed and equipped with the latest financial technology and tools to ensure that the client receives the best information possible regarding their finances.

Cathedral Investment Bank Investment Banking

The Cathedral Investment Bank investments department only receives clients and investments in the range of fifty million US and upwards. Funding through Cathedral Investment Bank can be accessed for projects that are involved in the production or service industries. This funding comes from Cathedral Investment Banks global base of institutional clients, foreign investment funds and other investment companies. Cathedral Investment Bank does not accept proposals for gaming, sweepstakes, lotteries or weapons. Cathedral Investment Bank and the investment banking team sit with clients through the application, approval and funding process to ensure the best possible outcome for bank and client. The Cathedral Investment Bank investment banking team uses the very best technology to provide the best advice available for clients.

Cathedral Investment Bank Financial Intermediary

Cathedral Investment Bank is known globally as a bank for other smaller banks. Cathedral Investment Bank offers low cost access to the best financial tools and a dedicated department that assists with planning and approvals of large projects. With Cathedral Investment Bank and its global reach, investors who have ambitions that match your own banks ambitions can be brought together seamlessly. With our seven worldwide branches and thirty five nations of operations, we at Cathedral Investment bank can reduce client’s compliance, administrative and banking burdens because our legal teams are more than proficient at negotiating local jurisdictions and ordinances. We operate on the global market, partnering with some of the largest companies in that market and as such can also assist your bank in the negotiation of global financial regulations.

Cathedral Investment Bank Commercial Banking

Cathedral Investment Bank and our Global Business unit are recognised as leaders in commercial banking services. We specialise in treasury management and financial surpluses. Cathedral Private Banking is the perfect option to sit and discuss treasury management.

Cathedral Investment Bank Institutional Banking

The Cathedral Investment Bank, with jurisdictional expertise, worldwide base and global partners, is well suited to be the bank wanted by all the top multinational corporations. Our code of confidentiality gives clientele added peace of mind and our institutional banking department has the professional experience necessary to make utilising out institutional banking services easy. The Institutional Banking department is the best at multi market financial analysis and provides custom portfolio planning.

Cathedral Investment Bank For You

With the expertise in so many varying fields, with presence in thirty five nations and jurisdictional expertise in seven jurisdictions, Cathedral Investment Bank is the bank to turn to when you need the foremost in financial advice.